Complete Cable 
Installation & Maintenance

Install voice and data cables anywhere with the network infrastructure expertise of WinLan. Whether you need data, fiber-optic, or CCTV cables, we've got you covered. Contact us for more information about our services. We work with schools, manufacturers, offices, warehouses, public service companies, and more throughout Canada. 

Computer, Voice, & Data

Let WinLan take care of your computer, voice, and data cable needs. We design network infrastructure, optimize network cable organization and build data centers. On the maintenance side, we troubleshoot, test, and repair malfunctioning cables in existing networks.

We install the following types of cable:

• Cat. 5
• Cat. 5e
• Cat. 6



Enjoy high-speed data transmission with fiber-optic cables. We not only install these cables, but we also perform fiber-optic testing to diagnose, repair, and certify networks. Fiber-optic inspection, cleaning, and damage locator are also available.

For installation, we use:

• Multi-Mode
• Single-Mode
• Ohm 2
• Ohm 3
• Ohm 4
• Indoor & Outdoor

• 4 Strand
• 6 Strand
• 12 Strand
• 24 Strand
• 48 Strand & Up

CCTV & Security

Stay safe with CCTV and security cable installation. We install cameras and alarm systems, as well as assist you in choosing the right security products for your business needs.

The following types of Uniprise cables are available:

• Coax
• RG6
• RG59

• Cat. 5e
• Cat. 6

Testing & Warranty Certification

Make sure your cables are in good working condition with our testing services. We use DTX CableAnalyzer to test copper and fiber cables, as well as, Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) testers to diagnose cable integrity. We supply warranty certification for new installations upon request.